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Everything You Need To Know About Mounting Your Flat Screen TV

Flat Screen TV Wall Mount Installation in Henderson, NV

Mounting your TV on a wall is not complicated but there are a few things you need to know to maximize your TV investment and minimize the downside of a poor installation. If you are not sure if a TV wall mount is for you, here is some information to help you make a decision.

Why Wall Mount a Flat Screen TV? Because mounting your TV on a wall has many benefits.

Wall mounts save space on your counter or entertainment center, especially if you have a large TV. You can create more space in your living room by getting rid of your big entertainment center. Simple wall mounts are inexpensive or you could upgrade to a fancier one that tilts, rotates and pulls out to different viewing positions. Often your sound bar and streaming devices can also be installed on the wall or behind your TV. A small furniture piece can be added if you have larger audio and video components. There are many great ways to save space and make your TV and equipment look clean and professional.

Even basic TV mounts provide a tilt adjustment so you can adjust your viewing angle. Wall mounting provides additional safety by keeping it out of reach for children and animals that could be injured if it tips and falls on them. You can also choose how high you want the TV mounted so you can keep it out of reach of kids to reduce potential damage to the TV.

Wall mounted TVs look better. A clean installation looks more professional and blends with a room decor better than when they are sitting on a piece of furniture.

What type should you purchase?

Wall mounts generally come rated by the weight and size of the TV. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes so it is easy to find one that will work for your individual situation. Most mounts are universal and can fit any flat screen TV.

Before looking for a mount, do a search on the internet for your TV model number and you will quickly find the screen size and weight. In most cases weight isn’t an issue, especially if you purchased a brand new TV. What features do you want? The most basic mounts will have tilt up and down adjustment. Additional options include an articulating arm that allows you to pull the TV away from the wall or angle the TV to either side and some have rotational adjustment up to 180 degrees to level it or view it with the length up and down. There are also shallow mounts specifically designed to keep the TV close to the wall.

Choose where the TV will be mounted. A common place to mount a TV is directly above a fireplace in the living room, however this is often too high for comfortable viewing. It is fine if that is the best place but you can mount a tv just about anywhere such as in a corner, behind a bar, underneath your kitchen cabinets, or even in the bathroom.

What type of wall will you be mounting the TV on? There are many types of wall fasteners so you should be able to mount your TV to anything from drywall to cement. Just make sure to use the correct fasteners.

Typically you can expect to spend about $15 to $30 for most TV mounts. Mounts for larger, heavier TVs, or ones with more adjustability options can be up to $90.

Do you live in Henderson, Las Vegas, or other areas in the Vegas valley and need a flat screen TV wall mounted in your home? Whether you are looking to eliminate the base or make an aesthetically pleasing update to your home, wall mounting your flat screen is a great choice. We can mount your TV using a variety of options and they can be mounted to just about any surface including drywall, wood, brick, cement, stucco or tile.

If you have questions about wall mounting a TV in your home, call or submit a request for a free quote here.

Go here for a great review of The 10 Best TV Wall Mounts.

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